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Fan Cast – Gears of War 2 Movie

So last year we made a fan cast for a film adaptation of Gears of War, refresh your memory here. Now inspired by the release of the moody Gears of War 4 trailer (and as I’m a huge fan of the game series/books/comics), we are getting back in the saddle to fan cast a film of Gears of War 2. The main cast was already established in the first fan cast, so it’s time to look at who could play the supporting characters in a sequel. Ready? Lets go.

Tai Kaliso – Dwayne Johnson

Tai editHonestly I’ve not even given this a second thought. Tai Kaliso looks badass, and is quoted by Marcus as being “as tough as a Brumak”, and honestly if any human could take one on, it’d be Johnson. Though he gets to embody is heritage later this year with the release of Disneys Moana, playing Tai gives him the opportunity to do just the same.

Now Tai’s fate in Gears of War 2 is interesting, and in a film you could honestly play it either way. Stay true to the game and you have yourself an eye opening incident, divert from the game and you have yourselves a blockbusting actor in the squad ready to do damage.

Dizzy Wallin – Woody Harrelson

He’s a cool side character who provides some light entertainment in a reasonably dark story, but also has an interesting past. Dizzy is a war vet of the Pendulum Wars who then was part of the stranded after the Hammer of Dawn strikes, only to sign back up to join the COG. His role in the game is minor, but extends in the books so the actor you select for Dizzy will very much depend on how big a role you want him to have overall in a potential franchise (I like to think these things through).

If choosing Tai was an easy task, choosing Dizzy is the complete opposite. We need an older, grizzled veteran still capable of kicking ass. Matthew McConaughey is too big a name for such a small part in a thing like this, Jeff Daniels is a shout but I’m not sure on the physicality for the role. Jason Sudeikis piques my interest as a left field choice but I’m not 100% certain. Tom Hanks would nail something like this but it’s not on his radar. So I’ve opted for the person who I feel most comfortable in the role, whose shown time and again his ability to kick ass, take names and have a bit of fun whilst doing it, and that man is Woody Harrelson. It helps that with a full goatee they’re almost identical.

Chairman Prescott – Nicolas Cage

I did it! Part of an ongoing game we have here at Snooty Usher towers is to try and cast good ol’ Nic Cage in anything that we fan cast, and to be honest I think this could work. But I’d also be totally fine with Michael Biehn or Ed Harris in the role too.

Chairman Prescotts role isn’t huge in Gears of War 2, but he is a presence and also features with a significant part in Gears of War 3. As a leader of the COG he isn’t well liked, and has many a secret to hide. However he is also a soldier himself, and does thrust himself into battle when necessary. He has a good chunk of time in the novels between Gears 2 & 3 so there is plenty of opportunity for the character to be used and developed. Also in the novels is his difficult relationship with Colonel Hoffman, who we have Bryan Cranston playing, so picking somebody a touch younger than Cranston with more authority than him in the films adds a nice dimension to the roles they play in terms of seniority versus experience.

Maria Santiago – Alice Braga

Just when you thought you didn’t need any more incentive to kill locust after they have pillaged and slain the people of Sera. They go along and stick Dom’s lost wife in a container in the Hollow, torturing her and leaving her a ghost of herself. She is an emotional anchor in the story of Gears of War 2 that should absolutely be included in a film adaptation, if not the primary side quest to destroying the locust.

In the game though Maria is a character spoken of, and rarely seen. This does not have to be the case in the film, flashbacks and dream sequences seem an easy way to overcome this, and therefore instead of choosing random actress #5 I’ve went with the underutilised Alice Braga. You’ll likely know her from PredatorsRepo Men or I Am Legend, she’s a cool actress with plenty of talent and perfect for Doms beloved Maria. Though I would also like to see her as the Gear soldier Alicia Valera (She’s a character in the DLC from Gears 3, just in case you didn’t know).

Skorge – Ray Park

Unfortunately for the writers, they made a truly fantastic boss and villain in Gears of War with General Raam, so much so that he’s never really been properly replaced in the baddie department. Skorge is the sort of main bad guy that Delta come up against in the second game, and should feature a film. In the game Tai gets into a fight with Skorge before Delta go into the Hollow, and is ultimately a factor in Tai’s fate. Skorge is also a rather fast villain with a big ass staff weapon that will give most gears a problem.

Because of the appearance of the character he’d likely need to be CGI, but if anybody was going to be the person behind the movement of the character it 100% should be Ray Park. The man behind Darth Maul, and Snake Eyes, he is a master stunt and action extraordinaire, I’d even give him a few lines. Why? Because he has earned it in his career.

Queen Myrrah – Kate Winslet/Viola Davis

I’m torn, I have two brilliant actresses who I feel would hit the nail on the head with this role, and for the first time ever I’m breaking protocol and not just choosing one person. I’ll leave the final choice to your imagination. So firstly, after her utterly delectable turn as the manipulative Irina Vlaslov in Triple 9 Kate Winslet would be perfect for the leader of the locust. The gravitas of her as an actress and the power of her performances would create a truly memorable villain.

On the other hand we have the brilliant Viola Davis. She’ll be soon seen playing Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad which will bring her into the mainstream properly. She’s been nominated for two Academy Awards for a reason, and one day she will win one, mark my words. But until then I truly feel she could do this role in her sleep.

Franklin – Wood Harris

No, not the cartoon turtle Franklin. After playing Avon Barksdale in the exceptional The Wire, and more importantly Julius Campbell in Remember the Titans, you’d have thought Wood Harris would be seen a lot more. Well to get your fix, how about we include one of the more distinguished stranded characters.

Franklin provides a vehicle for Delta during Gears of War when they are trying to get to an immulsion factory, and he also makes an appearance in the deleted chapter/DLC from Gears of War 2. Franklin is just a side character, but we want him in there, and we want Wood Harris to play him. Is that too much to ask?

And that brings us to the conclusion of our second fan cast for the Gears of War film universe. Keep an eye out on Part 3 where I’ll be looking to cast Jace Stratton (Fairly straight forward), Aaron Griffin, and Bernadette Mataki (Not so straight forward). See you soon and as always let us know how much you hate, or agree with our suggestions.

P.S. Find me on XBL for GoW – Gamer Tag – Furi0usGe0rge1

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